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Hope your day is as kind to you as you are to me.

Kindness makes a difference in this world. I've heard countless stories where someone I know was kind to someone else, and it surprised them. Whether it's holding the door for someone, giving a Sonic carhop a $20 tip instead of a $1 tip, or paying for someone's Uber, kindness surprises people. Is kindness so rare that people don't know how to comprehend it when it happens?

This world is full of unkindness — from people we meet and conversations we see and hear to life circumstances we face and daily burdens we carry. But kindness has the power to turn any situation into something a little more bearable.

A hand-written note of encouragement sprinkles someone's world with a little more kindness.

Kindness is putting others first. It's being intentional and aware of how the people around you are feeling. It means walking around in the world fully aware that there are billions of people walking around you who need exactly what you do — a little more kindness.

Who's the kindest person you know? I think they deserve a little hand-written note or quick text.


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