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Greeting cards have more personality any other form of communication — from a welcoming message on front cover to the strokes of a hand-written signature at the bottom of the inside. You know what else brings a hand-written greeting to life? Paper. 

I love different stocks of paper because I love how unique each texture can make the exact same words look. On some textures, it's a little unpredictable how the ink is going to lay in the grooves. Some fonts look better in the little lines of linen or in the long lanes of laid. Some colors pop on peach or sizzle on speckled. While I have stocks I love to work with, but I'm always looking for more. 

Most of my cards and prints are printed 80# in the following stocks:

  • Linen in white, natural, cream and green

  • Laid in white and natural

  • Speckletone in starch white

  • Cordtone speckletone in cream

  • Via felt in cool white

  • Kraft in brown

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