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A challenge to #WriteThanks

Thanksgiving means something different to everyone — traveling to see family, spending a day consuming all the food, or creating family memories. You might also say it's about thanking God for His daily provisions in your life. Whatever it means to you, I hope there's room in your annual holiday traditions for one more piece of thanksgiving — encouragement.

During a time when we give thanks, greeting cards can be used as a powerful vessel to encourage people around you and allow you to express your appreciation for those who mean most to you. This year, I wanted to give you a few ways to thank someone in your life. Each day this week, I'll share a card you could print and write to someone and also a digital graphic you could text someone and share why you're thankful for them.

Each day this week, as you you're baking, bonding and counting your blessings, take a minute and encourage someone in your life with a card or a text.


Hold down on this graphic and save to your mobile device.

Click on this card, print, cut around the dotted line, and send away.

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