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Glad you're here

We find ourselves in many places throughout our lives: physically in schools, jobs and homes; emotionally in relationships, conversations and life paths; spiritually in valleys and on mountaintops. We're always somewhere, and we're not alone. If you take a moment to look around, you will see people in those spaces with you.

Sept. 12 is the National Day of Encouragement, and it's a great day to lift someone up with words or actions that make them feel loved. Not sure what to do?

Write & send an encouraging letter.

  • Bring someone breakfast.

  • Draw someone a picture.

  • Text someone you love & tell them WHY.

  • Tell someone at work why they do a good job.

  • Bring someone a Sonic drink or coffee.

  • Mow someone’s yard. Clean someone’s kitchen.

Not sure what to say in a letter? Tell someone you're glad they're here — in this job, in this city, in this family, on this team, on this life walk, or on this planet WITH YOU. Print this free card below.

Lift someone up on this National Day of Encouragement!

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