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Encouragement time capsules

From the beginning, Andrew has been one of my biggest supporters in this card business dream of mine. And he has a passion of his own for written encouragement.

"Written encouragement allows someone to hold on to it forever, whether they hang it on their wall or they put it in a shoebox," he said to me. "And maybe they don't. Maybe they throw it in the trash can, and that's fine. But my experience has been people hold on to them, and they put great value in what has been written and what has been said to them."

Hand-written cards can be time capsules of encouragement. If you hang on to a card, you give yourself an opportunity to relive the moment that those words surround and experience again the encouragement someone sent to you. Sending a card can encourage someone in that moment and in immeasurable moments in the future.

"Sometimes, the people I least expect to really embrace it the most display [cards]," Andrea said. "I remember an individual whose office I walked in, and here was this card that I had sent them displayed for the world to see. There's just great value in a world of which we over communicate the wrong things when you're able to communicate in written words the right things."

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