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Slow, intentional communication

This is Dakota, and he is a regular card sender. Though communicating with someone via digital means is easy, Dakota recognizes that cards allow communication to be maybe a little more meaningful.

"Writing a card to someone, even someone that you communicate with on a regular basis, opens up the door for a different type of communication than is provided in multi media messaging," he said.

If there's ever a time you think to thank or encourage someone, sending a text, email or Facebook message can seem appealing because of its immediacy — you can say what you want and get it to a person right away. But taking the time to write out your thoughts and sending it through the mail where more hands and feet move it along to its intended recipient has a whole extra level of effort to send an encouraging message.

"The slow and intentional communication available in writing cards has an intrinsic simplicity that is immediately received by the recipient in a positive light," Dakota said. "I believe that it is in writing a card to someone that you are able to communicate most clearly with words how much you care for them."

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