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Be blessed to be a blessing

Meet Stephanie! This sweet friend is someone that I've been blessed to get to know over this past year, and if there's anyone who my mind goes to when you say the word "card," it's Stephanie. I won't even try to tell you all the wonderful things she does in her job and for the people whose lives she touches, but trust me — you would be blessed to know her just as I am.

"It's one thing to say things to encourage people," she said to me. "But especially when people need encouragement, they're often in a place where they're not going to retain what you said a lot of the time."

That thought was something I had not really thought about before. When there's someone in your life who you've identified as a person who needs encouragement, they might need it so much that they don't know what to do with it.

"So having a tangible card that they can go back and read and anchor that truth and anchor those reminders in, to me, is so significant," she said.

Stephanie told me that she typically takes time each semester to write 400-500 cards to various people she knows who may appreciate a little hand-written love.

"To be quite honest, for me it's very therapeutic to just sit and write to someone," she said. This semester I've written around just 100. To a lot of people, that's a lot, but to me, I think it's effected my spirit that I haven't been able to write as much because I haven't been able to give, and in doing that, I receive. It's one of those things where you can be blessed to be a blessing."

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