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Take the time to #WriteThanks

This is Kaleb, and Kaleb is a real blessing in my life. He's an extremely talented college student, yearbook editor-in-chief, and social media manager. In his dorm room, he has notes and cards people have written to him displayed behind his desk.

"I keep the notes that people give me because even on my worst day, I know that I can come back to these notes and see that people appreciate me and love me," he said. "It's just a real encouragement. I appreciate the time and effort they put into telling me how they feel and wishing me well."

Receiving a card is a meaningful act of encouragement to Kaleb, but he also sends cards to people he wants to encourage.

"I send notes because it's important for people to know that they're thought about, that they're valued and that they're loved," he said, "and that someone would take the time to write those things about them."

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